Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Catch Up

    It has been quite a while since my last blog post on Gut Check and I think I have finally figured out why.  I think sometimes reading truthful articles and searching for a little bit more clarity in life can overwhelm the searcher.  I had been reading a lot of heavy material regarding schooling, the Non-profit industrial complex, global labor issues, among other things and I think it was just overload.  I had hit a wall concerning my creative thinking and posting abilities, and felt down right deflated.
    New Years eve came and went, and to some people this is a trivial event, but I like to look at the Holiday as an opportunity.  Not to make inappropriate resolutions that won't stick, but an opportunity to look back and reassess where you have been, where you are heading, and most importantly how these factors fit into your distant view of where you might like to be heading.
    This all being said, I think I found that my motivation to maintain a healthy body and mind should be slightly more at the forefront of my concern.  Of course I do not mean this in a selfish light that diminishes the importance of national and international issues.  Rather, I think it is such an integral part of the construction of a better world.  The sooner everyone can search for a bettering of their mind, soul, and body, even in terms of physical fitness, the faster answers will develop for larger and much more pressing social welfare issues.
    GUT CHECK is back on track, if it truly had a track to begin with.  If anyone reads this, look forward to more posts concerning training and fitness using bodyweight exercises and creative at home/outdoors movements.  Also, more to come in terms of a healthy vegan diet, supplement recommendations and bewares, and easy ways to jump start your own progression of body and mind.
    Check your gut and you'll better check everything else in your life.

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