Friday, September 24, 2010

Food for Thought

    I spent about an hour sitting in my car yesterday because I didn't want to miss a word of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech during the UN Conference in New York City, September 23.  The Iranian President has a reputation for absurd beliefs, the media vultures proclaim.  Do I believe that he is correct in his assessment of the Holocaust not actually occurring?  No.  However, is there a possibility that what we have been told as American Grade-A sheep is incomplete, or there are facts that have been either omitted or edited to suit the corporate elite interests...yes, absolutely.
   In line with this topic falls the Iranian President's speech at the UN Conference yesterday.  I listened to it live, because I undoubtedly knew that his words would be rearranged and manipulated to meet the desires and wills of those that choose.  The largest example of this is what has made news headlines for the last 24 hours, the proclamation that Ahmadenijad stated that the United States was behind the 9-11 events in order to save their failing economy.   This is an inaccurate account of his speech.  He in fact suggested three perspectives available and possible to explain the events leading up to 9-11, one of which was the USA being behind the outcome.  His largest attack however, was that the United States should have spent more time investigating and delving into the circumstances surrounding the events before declaring a full blown war on a nation, leading directly to another nation based on the belief that terrorist organizations responsible for 9-11 were hiding there.  This is a completely logical and respectable announcement, and I absolutely agree that this is the biggest "mistake" the United States made involving this situation.  How can the "largest diplomatic nation" in the world declare war without proper investigation?  It just exposes one of the large loop-holes in the 9-11 USA cover up.  Many more lay unattended too, and I am sure I will discuss these on future posts, or upon request.
    The fact that so much remains unstated by the United States and avoided concerning the events of Sept. 11, is absurdly wild.  The anti-Muslim and anti-middle eastern propaganda machines have done an exceptional job of creating mindless American drones, reading to go against anything the media tells them to go against.  Be it Muslims, be assured people will slash throats as in a recent NYC cab incident.  Or perhaps the widely talked about Koran book burning on Sept. 11, 2010 by Christian leaders in Gainesville, Florida.  How can people of this country be so dumbed down that they accept whatever explanation is dealt to them?  It has a lot to do with the intentionally standardized and anti-intellectualized educational systems in place since World War II.  If you care to find the truth about this intentional academia dumbing, read anything written by John Taylor Gatto, an exceptional ex-NYC school teacher who now devotes his time to exploring the design of the system to be a boring and dull environment.

     However, the issue I am mainly struggling with at this particular moment is the willingness of the American general public to take the mainstream corporate media stories that they are given.  The speech of Ahmadenijad had been sliced apart in order to create the desired affect, the continued hatred for Iran.  It is clear that the United States left the UN conference, not out of protest or being offended, I truly believe they feared exposing such classified information in such a setting.  They did not want the confrontation that may have resulted, or they were unsure how to handle the situation diplomatically, and so had to retire from the meeting.  I think this speech should hopefully ignite something within the public, not that I hope everyone agrees with the perspectives Ahmadenijad describes, but I hope it elicits some sort of thought process from the public.  Why did we invade Afghanistan, Iraq?  Why do we decide these nations need Democratic, American-ideal lives?  Why do most people believe the stories fed to them from main media sponsors ?  Why are 95% of the worlds heroin factories held within Afghanistan, known to US special forces, still allowed to create the drug and export it to US citizens?  3,000 innocent US civilians equals HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of innocent Middle eastern civilians, in the name of disarming terrorism?  So many questions, with so few being answered by our government.

Watch, think for yourself.

    Ahmudenijad's speech

Monday, September 20, 2010

Black Listed

   I just completed the 2006 documentary which exams civil rights issues surrounding voting in the United States, entitled AMERICAN BLACKOUT.  This demonstration of the disenfranchisement of American voters is troubling.  Its not that any of this information is particularly ground-breaking at this point, not to say that it may not be for some people who are not exposed to such  things often, its just the sheer facts presented.  Even after the rigged, and puppeted electoral travesty that occurred in Florida that led to the win for G.W. Bush, situations resembling this one continue to arise.  In Columbus Ohio, the impoverished areas where voter registration had increased, in some cases by 28%, mysteriously the number of voting machines present in these local levels had decreased.  Furthermore, in some suburban and primarily middle-upper class republican areas, the number of machines unnecessarily increased.  This type of action is a deliberate attempt to limit the number of minority, particularly black, votes. 
    These voters along with the votes of young progressive thinking people are always avoided by the elite corporate interests of the government.  These voters provide them with more work to secure their choice candidate in an election. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

What happened?

  I have spent the last few years spending some time thinking about how exactly we have come to this point.  The point in which I am referring to is being human.  Thats right.  Sound a bit overwhelming?  Startling?  Well, honestly, it is just that.
  What exactly am I talking about?  Knowing how and what to eat, and how to spend our time...wisely, to be precise.  It has been a topic that has me wondering for too many hours to count.  Just how and when did people forget how to eat, and what kind of food is supposed to go into your mouth.  The large food and snack companies would lead you to believe that Food A is more beneficial for your body because it is "packed with antioxidants", or it "contains a essential vitamin energy complex", or simply because "it makes you feel focused and pumped."  What?  I mean I understand that food science, nutrition academia, and dietetic fields of study have grown exponentially in their depth, and people are always looking for ways to stay more cutting edge or on top of their game.  However, it baffles me that people literally survive on energy drinks and concoctions, and strange new packaged foods or items that don't even come close the actually being the food they claim to be.  Avocado.  This little emerald is packed with great saturated fats, that actually give you more calories of energy per gram of food than carbohydrates and proteins, which food media propaganda would constantly lead you to not believe.
  Furthermore, if you spend any time in a developed nation, more specifically a dense city, give yourself a minute to reflect on how people are moving around.  Train, subway, taxi, car, among other vehicles.  What about our feet?  Sure, I'm not blind and I will acknowledge the number of people using their bipedal mobility on city sidewalks.  But I feel that this is somewhat of a last resort if a subway cannot being you close enough to where you are looking to end up.  Your feet will take you the last 4 or 5 blocks, but no one would imagine walking 40 blocks.  There is simply no time in this fast paced, technology laden environment.  Even still, people will find themselves wondering why Americans, or people in developed or developing areas are ending up tipping the scale and looking at pounds on them that they never saw before.
  I think it is time to reassess  what we are putting between our teeth and how we are using our bodies.  Look at your lunch next time.  If you cant identify an ingredient in your packaged sandwich or don't know just what something is you're about to munch on, think again.  Grab something fresh and soon your body will thank you.  If you spend enough time away from white starches and white refined sugary foods, your taste buds will readjust and begin to crave the good stuff.
  And the next time you jump in a cab to save 10 minutes, save your money and put your body to work getting you there on foot.  Those ten minutes you save now will never be able to compare to the ten years you add to your life by exercising more frequently.