Monday, September 20, 2010

Black Listed

   I just completed the 2006 documentary which exams civil rights issues surrounding voting in the United States, entitled AMERICAN BLACKOUT.  This demonstration of the disenfranchisement of American voters is troubling.  Its not that any of this information is particularly ground-breaking at this point, not to say that it may not be for some people who are not exposed to such  things often, its just the sheer facts presented.  Even after the rigged, and puppeted electoral travesty that occurred in Florida that led to the win for G.W. Bush, situations resembling this one continue to arise.  In Columbus Ohio, the impoverished areas where voter registration had increased, in some cases by 28%, mysteriously the number of voting machines present in these local levels had decreased.  Furthermore, in some suburban and primarily middle-upper class republican areas, the number of machines unnecessarily increased.  This type of action is a deliberate attempt to limit the number of minority, particularly black, votes. 
    These voters along with the votes of young progressive thinking people are always avoided by the elite corporate interests of the government.  These voters provide them with more work to secure their choice candidate in an election. 

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