Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day One

    Well, here it is.  My first post on this little guy.  I have been meaning to get this together for a while.  Essentially, this blog began as a way for me to express some of my thoughts on veganism and exercise from a punk rock DIY mindset.  Utilizing the three year experience I gained from a local Health Food store on Long Island as a worker in the Nutrition and Supplements department, I knew I needed to get my nerdy studied knowledge out somehow.  I also took a few course on Personal Training and such while I was studying Sociology and Psychology at a state college in upstate New York.  Especially coming from the background of a typically American-dieted suburban kid, complete with body image insecurities stemming from our perfectly obsessed media society, I knew I had to get this down on paper...or screen.  I thought this might come of some use to anyone searching for tips on healthy vegan dieting, exercise training advice, or the likes of such.
    However, shortly after throwing the blog template up, I began to do a little more soul searching and decided to include some other concerns and festering thoughts I had.  These thoughts, relating to social consciousness issues and other concerns among the domestic and global political spectrum, I began to dwell on early in my college days.  I spent months doing research on topics such as Fair Trade policies, and the controversial Genetically Modified foods we all undoubtedly are eating.
    Mostly, I just want to stress that this is a broad range blog that will sporadically touch different topics, depending on what mood I am in, or what I might feel like resonating from world politics and developments.  
This is all rooted, I believe, in a punk rock DIY ideology which I have always felt is a basic guideline for how to question the ways in which you are raised, and always be searching for a clearer and more honest way to be human.  Maintaining a punk rock mindset doesn't ALWAYS mean drinking piss beer and staying up till 5 am (though often those are the best aspects, sometimes they are never present).  I think its also a balanced view of taking good care of your body so you will be around a few more days to practice good ethics and promote good communities.  Enough soapbox clowning for now.

Bottom line, this is intended to be conversation.  Please feel free to ask questions, or respond how you'd like.

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